Upcoming Events

For years, the Carlisle has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness by actively participating in and hosting a wide array of local events.

As the vibrant beating heart of Hastings, this iconic pub has become an indispensable part of the town's social fabric. Its doors are flung wide open to welcome residents, visitors, and all those who seek a sense of camaraderie. Whether it's a neighborhood gathering, a charity fundraiser, or a celebration of local talent, the Carlisle Pub is ever-ready to lend its space and support.

kid kapichi

filming @ the carly

In an exciting collaboration, the rock band Kid Kapichi teamed up with Suggs, the iconic frontman of Madness, to take over The Carlisle for the filming of their new music video. This unique partnership brought together Kid Kapichi's edgy, modern rock sound and Suggs' legendary ska influence, creating a dynamic fusion of styles. The Carlisle provided the perfect backdrop for this creative endeavor, with its vibrant atmosphere and historic charm. Fans of both bands eagerly anticipated the release, as the video promised to capture the energetic performances and distinctive charisma of the artists involved. This memorable event highlighted the innovative spirit of Kid Kapichi and the enduring influence of Suggs, making it a standout moment in the music scene.

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1st May, 2024

Mayday Bike Run

With a reputation for being biker-friendly, it has become a customary stop for those embarking on the annual May Day run and bikers from all corners of the country.

Mayday Bike Run

28TH APRIL - 1ST MAY 2024

Jack in the Green

The Jack in the Green Festival, a centuries-old event, is a celebration of life, nature, and the changing seasons. It's a day when the town comes alive with vibrant costumes, traditional morris dancing, and the spirit of revelry. And the Carlisle Pub has played an integral role in embracing and fostering this joyous atmosphere.

Jack in the Green

9TH – 13TH FEBRUARY, 2024

Fat Tuesday

One of the most anticipated and lively events on the local calendar is the Fat Tuesday Festival, and the Carlisle is more than just a spectator in this dynamic celebration; it's an active and cherished participant.

Fat Tuesday Festival

Serving the community

The Carlisle Pub in Hastings isn't just a place to enjoy a great pint or rock out to live music; it's a symbol of unwavering community spirit. One of its most endearing attributes is its longstanding commitment to charitable causes, consistently supporting organizations like the Armed Forces Bikers (AFB) and the Royal British Legion.

These partnerships aren't merely symbolic; they're a reflection of the deep-seated values that the Carlisle holds dear. The pub has taken it upon itself to be a catalyst for positive change within the community.

The Armed Forces Bikers (AFB), a charity dedicated to supporting veterans, found a staunch ally in the Carlisle Pub. The pub has not only generously donated to the AFB but has also been a focal point for events and fundraisers to assist this vital organization in its mission. It's a heartfelt demonstration of gratitude and support for the brave men and women who have served their country.

Similarly, the Royal British Legion, a cornerstone of support for British veterans and their families, has found a steadfast partner in the Carlisle Pub. The pub's contributions to this venerable institution have helped sustain its critical work, ensuring that those who have sacrificed for their country receive the care and assistance they deserve.

In The Carlisle, you'll find more than just patrons enjoying a night out; you'll find a community that cares deeply about making a difference. It's a place where the values of camaraderie, service, and generosity are not just spoken but lived.