At The Carlie, our dedicated team is the backbone of the unforgettable experiences we create. We're not just a staff; we're a close-knit family of music enthusiasts, hospitality experts, and passionate individuals who share a common goal – to bring the magic of live music and great times to your night out.


The Ringmaster

Gemma - The heart and soul of The Carlisle, this masterful conductor orchestrates the magic behind the scenes. With a wealth of experience in the industry, she's the ringmaster of our rock 'n' roll circus, ensuring that every night is a showstopper.

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The Bar Rockstars

Our welcoming faces at the bar. They keep the spirits high and the drinks flowing, making sure every guest feels like part of our extended family. Their vibrant personalities light up The Carlisle every night.

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The Stage Magicians

Our sound engineers and stage experts. They turn the melodies into magic, ensuring that every chord and every beat is a symphony of perfection. Their dedication to delivering top-notch live music experiences is the reason we're known for our electrifying performances.

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The Event Architects

Our event planners and promoters. They're the creative minds behind our live music nights, ensuring we have a constant stream of electrifying bands and tribute acts gracing our stage. Their passion for music drives the variety and excitement in our calendar.

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The Visual Storyteller

Lee London - Responsible for capturing the vibrant spirit and energy of this iconic music venue. With a keen eye for detail, Lee plays a crucial role in preserving memorable moments and documenting the essence of The Carlisle through his beatuiful photography.

Lee London

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little rockstars

As we are a kid-friendly rock pub, the music is loud, and the good times are even louder. With live performances that make the walls shake, we introduce the next generation to the timeless power of rock and roll. Little rock stars-in-training become part of the team and can dance and groove to the beat while parents reminisce about their own rock 'n' roll adventures.